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How to Add Value to Your Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the hub of the home and gets the most foot traffic out of all the rooms. Are you thinking its time to upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen? Or are you wanting to invest a little into your kitchen in the hopes of a higher sale price when it’s time to move into a bigger home to accommodate the growing kids? The great news is that sometimes you don’t always have to tear down your entire kitchen and completely start from scratch. If your kitchen is in good enough condition, you may just need a repaint here or change a few hardware details there but if you want to delve deeper into larger scale renovations that can really transform your kitchen, keep on reading.

Renovation specialist, Dr Naomi Findlay, gives her expert opinion on where you should spend and save your money to get the most out of your investment.

1. Add a kitchen island 

A kitchen island does not only provide another work surface but additional storage space if you have limited benchtop space in your kitchen. It also becomes a focal point of your kitchen and can increase the value of your home if done right. You should never compromise the quality of the surface in wet areas (ie kitchen and bathrooms) as you want them to be long-lasting. If you go the route of a stone benchtop, it will definitely increase the value of your home more so than just a laminate island.

Kitchen with dark custom cabinets and a marble white island bench

(Source: Champion Lakes Gallery)

2. Take storage from floor to ceiling

One of the most important things in a kitchen is the storage space. If you are doing a complete kitchen overhaul, ensure to maximise your storage potential by installing cabinetry that runs the full length of space available and as wide as possible. Storage space and power points are something that one can never have enough of. Check out our article on kitchen storage solutions on ways to maximise the space if you have a small kitchen!

The inside of a pantry that is floor to ceiling
A floor to ceiling thin cupboard opening

(Source: Character Cabinets Showroom Gallery)

3. Upgrade your benchtop

The benchtop is the most used surface in the kitchen. It is also where your guests will draw their attention to when they step inside your kitchen. If you are thinking of upgrading your benchtop to a more quality surface, such as marble or granite, don’t hesitate to contact our sister company, Stone with Character, to talk to a stonework specialist in regard to our quality products and affordable prices. If you are on a budget, laminate is also a great option but bear in mind it won’t be as durable as stone.

A modern kitchen with beige and brown flooring, cabinets, and island bench

(Source: Character Cabinets Kitchen Gallery)

4. Select colour wisely

If you are renovating your kitchen to make it more appealing to buyers, ensure the colours you select will appeal to your target market. If you love your lime green splashback, others looking to buy their forever home may not appreciate it as much as you and it may be a deterrent. If you want to incorporate pops of colours into the kitchen, opt for a coffee machine of an unconventional colour or funky pendant lighting as those are much easier to change than tiling. Go for neutral colours (like white, grey, beige, cream) as they are timeless classics.

White kitchen cabinets with white splash back tiles

(Image Source: Avon Gallery)

5. Invest in quality appliances

Good quality appliances are worth investing in. If you are planning to renovate your entire kitchen, check out what’s hot on the market of the latest appliances. Incorporating these will increase the functionality of your kitchen as well as giving your kitchen an instant facelift with more modern appliances.

A view of a kitchen from island bench height
A white kitchen sink built into the side of custom kitchen cabinets on an island bench

(Image Source: Mustang Gallery)

6. Introduce a smart lighting scheme

Ensure you have adequate lighting in your kitchen. Position your lighting directly where you will be cooking and preparing the food as you will not want to work in your own shadow. Think carefully about how you use your kitchen and the best places to add lighting. Installing lights on separate circuits will allow you to control lighting levels and atmosphere in the kitchen and surrounds.

A kitchen with custom cabinets that wrap around a corner

(Source: South Yunderup Gallery)

If you have a strict budget to adhere to, you could just upgrade the hardware details (taps, handles etc) as it can give your kitchen a new look while being the most cost-effective. Giving your kitchen a new coat of paint, whether it be on the walls, tiles, cabinets will also transform a dated kitchen. Even hanging up a new painting will do wonders!

(Check out the full article here on Houzz, written by Naomi Findlay)

Thinking of renovating your home? Don’t hesitate to contact us to speak to one of our custom design specialists and receive award-winning designs, high-quality service and aftercare! We can help you work within your budget to design and plan your dream kitchen or bathroom!

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