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Here at Character Cabinets, we understand that building your dream home is a long and expensive journey. We want you to be comfortable and choose builders that we believe in and trust. Here we have provided a list of tips and considerations we have compiled from users on BubHub. Things that they wished they knew prior to building their forever home. Have a read through and definitely take them into consideration during the design process.

Some tips we have for you when you are building your next home:

✓ Go for practicality (if you were to sell your house, would it appeal to anyone else?)

✓ You can never have enough power points (i.e. in hallways for vacuuming)

✓ Ensure the garage has enough room (do you want to put the kid’s bikes in there too?)

✓ More storage is ALWAYS a good idea

✓ Ensure the doors swing the right way in the rooms

✓ Research the builders you are thinking of (HINT: we have provided a list for you as a starting point!)

✓ Visit as many display homes as possible. Not only does it provide inspiration, you can also see how it turns out!

✓ Start collecting quotes on fencing, patio etc

✓ Put thought in the placement of light switches (you don’t want to accidentally stub a toe!)

✓ Consider the heating/cooling system

✓ Go for a big pantry (nothing is worse when you come home with the groceries to find out there’s no space for them!)

✓ Think about how you live (do you have 3 kids and a dog to wash for? Go for extra room in the laundry- you will thank yourself later!)

(Tips have been summarised from this BubHub thread. More information can be found here) 

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