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Design Regrets and Mistakes

When you are renovating your home or just one area of your property, it is crucial that you think about all the aspects and consequences of your plans. You may be thinking – CONSEQUENCES? What does that mean?


A few Houzz users have been kind enough to share their home improvement regrets and mistakes and we have gone ahead and compiled then for you in this blog post. Please note that this list is not the end all be all of the things to DO’s or DO NOT’s, but more so serves as a cautionary tale – to let you know the potential issues and considerations for future renovators.


(Source: Booragoon Gallery)


Things to Consider:

  • Avoid placing appliances (e.g. fridges, microwaves) too close to the wall to the point that when you go to use it, the door hits a wall or a solid surface which can lead to scratches and dents
  • Install more power outlets than you think you may need. We have a whole blog post dedicated to the importance of power outlet locations which you can read here
  • Ensuring the material used is compatible with what the surface is used for (e.g. ensuring your kitchen island is able to withstand extreme temps (hot and cold), stain proof, scratch proof and durable.) Check out our blog post on the advantages of stone benchtops and the types we carry here
  • Avoid narrow hallways if possible. You may think that you do not require a wide hallway as it is a waste of space, but consider what issues you may run into if you are moving furniture in and out of your home. You don’t want your new walls to get scratched up on your move-in day!
  • If budget and space allows, add a second toilet and bathroom to avoid traffic congestion in these areas during the peak times of morning and evening
  • More storage is always a good idea! Check out our post on kitchen storage solutions here
  • Do not install a bath if you don’t intend on using it. If you don’t think you will use it enough, the bath will soon become a place for dust to gather and used as a storage spot
  • Tiling your bathroom at least halfway up the wall will act as a barrier against water and it also makes it much easier to clean



One last regret that was pointed out by several Houzz users was to ensure you stick to your gut instinct – don’t let your hired professional sway your decision. Many users have been influenced and regret not standing their ground.


(Source of Houzz post and comments)


If you are after talented interior designers for your next renovation project – whether it be for new kitchen cabinets or a new kitchen island, don’t hesitate to contact us at 9234 3000 or send through your plans to sales@charactergroup.com.au and we will be in touch!

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