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Top Tips for an Ergonomic Kitchen

Ergonomics definition

Whether you try to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen or an aspiring chef, we can all agree that kitchens are the heart of the home. If you are thinking of renovating your cooking space, take some of these basic tips into consideration to ensure your kitchen is of ergonomic design.

Of course, what YOU consider to be ergonomic will be different for someone else depending on their requirements and how they use the space.

The distance between your benches

An important factor that you must consider is the distance between your benches and workspace. Even the slightest change in distance can make an ample difference. Too close together and you will feel as though you are restricted and slightly too far you will feel you will be constantly stretching for something on the opposite bench. Although it doesn’t seem like a big issue, both can be of slight inconvenience to you whenever you are in the kitchen and provide you with ergonomic benefits.

Claremont | Character Cabinets

(Image Source: Claremont Gallery)

What is your bench height?

Benchtop height is often a factor that is overlooked, which can result in sore necks and sore shoulders depending on your height. With the standard kitchen bench height being 900mm, if you are taller, you may consider raising the height to accommodate your height and vice versa if you are on the shorter side as having your shoulders continually raised whenever you are in the kitchen will become tiresome and improve kitchen ergonomics.

Booragoon | Character Cabinets

(Image Source: Booragoon Gallery)

Consider the height of your rangehood

If you come from a tall family, it is a good idea to raise the height of your rangehood or you will have to be constantly mindful where the rangehood ends and your forehead starts. Shop around for a range hood that suits your needs as it is better to get it right the first time than to spend more to fix it the second time.

Mustang | Character Cabinets

(Image Source: Mustang Gallery)

Cupboards vs drawers

Kitchen storage is integral to keeping your kitchen workspace and benchtop clutter-free. Think about what you have in your kitchen and how accessible they need to be. Instead of having all cupboards in your kitchen to maximise your storage space, it is a good idea to swap some for drawers. Drawer inserts provide easy to reach access to items you may require on the daily, for example, utensils and cutlery.

Champion Lakes | Character Cabinets

(Image Source: Champion Lakes Gallery)

LeMans Corner

We all know more storage in the kitchen is always a good idea but ensuring the items you stored away are easily accessible is equally as important. LeMans corner units enable you to reach to the back of your cabinet without having to move aside all your other items to reach the content at the back. This pull-out shelving unit perfectly utilises all the space and would fix any ergonomic inefficiencies you may have with the wasted space.

Character Cabinets Showroom

(Image Source: Character Cabinets Showroom)

Kitchen lighting placement is crucial

Kitchen’s are quite often danger zones for small children with sharp objects and electrical appliances. It is vital there is adequate lighting available, so you should consider how you will be using the space. Lighting in areas you will be preparing and cooking food in, such as at your kitchen island and stove benchtops are a must-have as you will not be wanting to work in your shadow.

Beautiful kitchen with under-cabinet lighting

(Image Source: Kitchen Gallery)

Other ergonomic tips you may want to consider:

  • If you have a tall family and know you know you won’t be living in the home forever, it may be a good idea to keep the standard benchtop height as families looking to buy your home may find the benchtop height a deterrent
  • Consider the water pressure of your tap and dimensions of your sink as you don’t want to be wearing your water every time you go to get a glass of water or wash your dishes
  • Ensure the path between appliances and your benchtops are unobstructed for smooth workflow
  • Store frequently used items, utensils and crockery within arms reach

(For more tips and tricks to consider, read the full article written by Julia Fairley on Houzz)

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