Top 5 Kitchen Mistakes

Renovating a kitchen is a long and expensive journey. More often than not, people can get caught up in the excitement, leading to easy to make, costly and totally avoidable mistakes. The following points have been shared by three experts as being some of the most common mistakes that are made and have provided corresponding solutions.


(Source: Nedlands Gallery)


Jenefer Macleod, principal designer at interior design firm

1. Rushing things (Slow down)

There is no set timeline for a kitchen renovation. Many people rush through their first kitchen reno which often leads to impracticality and disasters in the kitchen.


Solution: Slow down and take your time in the planning and designing process. It’s better to take your time and get it right the first time, as it is near impossible to go back and attempt to fix it after installation. It takes a few appointments with your kitchen designer to really plan, design and refine every little nook and cranny to where you, the owner, is happy and for designers to ensure that it is actually viable for your dream kitchen to be designed (eg. correct measurements, height limits, key distances etc).


Here at Character Cabinets, we have a team of custom kitchen design specialists that aren't afraid to put in the hard work and help you build your dream kitchen!


Here are a few benefits of going the custom kitchen route vs buying stock cabinetry/kitchen:

  • FREEDOM of colours, styles and choice
  • Custom designed to suit YOU!
  • Quality of the work and are built to LAST
  • SUPPORTING local businesses
  • High quality service and AFTERCARE


2. Settling for inferior hardware (Know all your options)

Good quality hardware, such as hinges, pull-out corner units, drawer dividers and soft-close runners are often overlooked and excluded due to budget limitations. This is a huge mistake, as investing in these accessories is paramount to the longevity of the drawers and doors in the long run.


Solution: Ask your designer about all the options available to you, and ensure you inform them exactly what you want in terms of a better kitchen experience. (You don't want to be caught slamming cabinets at midnight if you're feeling a little peckish!)


(Source: Victoria Park Gallery)


3. Forgetting the practical considerations (put function first)

Often during the reno process, people get caught up in the looks and aesthetics of the design, which can result in a less than ideal functional kitchen. Though it may look amazing, if it’s not practical and the experience isn’t there, that's a hugely missed opportunity.


Solution: Ask yourself how you and your family use the kitchen. Is your family tall? Does someone in your family love to bake, thus needing more benchtop space? Will there often be more than one member of the family in the kitchen at all times? Is your kitchen the hub of your home? A good start is to think about what you don’t like about your current kitchen and ways to improve, as well as what you DO like and want to keep. Ensure to let your designer know everything at the first meeting to lay it out all on the table.



Rachel Gilding, communications and design specialist at Beaumont Tiles 


4. Selecting a clashing style (factor in surrounding furniture and finishes)

It's very common that during the planning and design process, people often to forget about their furniture and other finishes in the same room when they are selecting their tiles.


Solution: When it comes to selecting the tiles, envision the room you want to achieve and avoid choosing conflicting patterns. Don’t pick bold patterned walls AND floor. Choose one and go simple/neutral for the other.

Ilan El, founder and creative director at Ilanel Lighting Atelier


5. Putting lighting in the wrong spots (Focus on how you will use the space)

Not placing lights in the places where you really need them. Trust me, you don’t need that 5th light in the hallway and only have one light source in the kitchen.


Solution: Think about where you need to see in the kitchen, perhaps over the sink, over bench tops, near the knife rack, under overhead cabinetry etc. You don’t want to be casting your own shadow over the areas you need it the most. A well-lit kitchen is always a good idea!

Ensure the globes you pick, emit enough light. Some pendant lights over kitchen islands do not provide sufficient light, which will result in more money spent on lights in other parts of the kitchen.


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