Custom Made or Flat Pack Kitchens?

Kitchens are the most frequented room in the home and should stand against the test of time. Re-modelling or renovating your kitchen can be a daunting task. It is your chance to upgrade your kitchen adding the latest trends and increase pantry storage to hold all your utensils and ingredients. So, what are the benefits of selecting a custom kitchen or a flat pack?



Budget friendly

A major advantage of flat packs is that you can save more money than if you were to go the custom route. Just like anything you buy off the shelf, it will work out to be much cheaper than opting for it to be made to your specifications. In this sense, flat packs are more budget-friendly. As kitchens are one of the most expensive rooms to renovate, some may want to save where they can and splash where they want. A common misconception is that because it is much cheaper relative to the other option, that it means it is inferior quality. This is untrue, though the quality of the flat pack will depend on how much you are willing to spend.


Ease of assembly

Flat packs arrive pre-cut to size and ready to put together. Simple to follow instructions mean you can’t get lost and give up halfway.

cabinet handles

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Limited choice

Flat pack cabinets are often limited to a few designs in standard sizes, so you may find that some are too large or too small and won’t sit flush where you want it.



Freedom of flexibility

An advantage of custom cabinets or a custom-designed kitchen is the freedom of flexibility in selecting the style, size, colour and design of every aspect of the kitchen. Not only will you be able to decide on all those factors, but the quality, longevity and special features that will cater to you and your cooking needs. The possibilities are truly endless with custom kitchens.



You will be able to select the quality and workmanship of the cabinets by researching and selecting a cabinetry firm that best suits your needs.  Often with these organisations, they will have a custom designer to help walk you through all the steps and processes to picking out what you want, so not only exists a quality product, but also quality in service and aftercare provided. At Character Cabinets, we offer award-winning designs accompanied with high-quality service and aftercare. Contact us to speak to one of our custom design specialists today.


(Source: North Perth Gallery)



Custom kitchens are an investment to your home and will add value to it.  Your kitchen should reflect the value of your property (if your property is of high value, the quality of your kitchen should be high too). You want your investment to last you at least a decade. Today, more homeowners are choosing to invest in their properties rather than moving out. Not only do custom pieces enhance how the room is used, but also increases the overall aesthetic appeal.

(Source: Character Cabinet Kitchen Gallery)




Cost is a huge factor in the decision between flat packs and custom kitchens. It can get quite costly very quickly when you are designing a kitchen. A basic kitchen cost averages around $20,000 (approx. $1,200 to $2,000 per square metre but that, of course, is based on the SIZE of the kitchen). This price usually includes flat laminate doors, laminate benchtops, a pantry unit, a wall tower oven and overhead cabinets. This price will increase if you decide to go for a stone benchtop, integrated appliances, extra drawers and choosing different types of hinges (ie lift up hinge). Note that this cost is only for a STANDARD kitchen and will be entirely dependent on kitchen size and what you choose.


Our Takeaway

If you are after the simplicity of building flat pack cabinets for your kitchen but want some degree of customizability, we highly recommend checking out OneCab.

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