Tips on Surviving a Renovation With Your Partner

Surviving a renovation is difficult, but surviving a renovation with your partner may spell many arguments and resentment along the way. Here we have compiled a list of our top tips on renovating your home with your partner.


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1. Involve your family

It may seem counter-intuitive to involve MORE people in the renovation process as there are more opinions being thrown around, but it could actually help. If you and your partner are on opposing sides of a decision, ask your family members what they think to get an outside perspective. You should also ensure to try and look from the viewpoint of your partner as to why they disagree with your decision. Are they seeing something that you’re not?


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2. Pick your battles

Perhaps you and your partner are disagreeing on absolutely everything from the paint colour to the choice in tapware for the guest bathroom. Pro tip - pick your battles. Both individuals should make a list of the top 5 things they would like to change and then compare the two lists. Perhaps #1 on your list is that you would like to change the single bathroom vanity to a double vanity. Maybe that’s not on your partner’s list at all and at the top of their list, they are wanting to change the tiles in the bathroom to a light grey. Possibly changing the tiles is listed as #4 on your list, but you want the tiles to be marble. Pick your battles. Compromise and “give” them the grey tiles and you can compromise on getting the double vanity. In saying that, do not compromise on everything as no one will get what they actually want.

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3. Plan

Ensure you plan out the main parts of the house you want to be renovated – and stick to it. Perhaps the main area you want to be renovated is the kitchen and bathroom. Don’t let the renovator try to sell you the idea you need matching tv cabinets if there is no room in your budget to do so. Create a realistic and itemised list of renovations and approximate budgets and include a little bit of leeway. This will definitely help in the long run when it comes to discussing the matter with the professionals. It’s always better to have your partner on your side than to go against them.

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4. Get multiple quotes

Don’t just get one quote and go with them. Get multiple quotes from different businesses so you know a rough idea of the average cost to do what you want. You want to go with a company that can do what you want at a rate you are happy with.  If you are not sure where to go and who to ask, call up your friends who have also gone through the renovation process and ask them who they went with and if they are happy with the service provided.


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5. Don’t cheap out on tradesmen

You may think that you could save a few hundred dollars on not hiring a tradesman to complete an aspect of your renovation – say tiling. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard laying tiles is easy. But doing a good job is hard if you’re not a professional.


This may seem like a great idea as you are saving yourself that money that can go something else. However, perceptions do not often reflect reality. Tradesmen exist for a reason. They have the relevant training, tools and specifications to complete the service. If you did try to DIY it yourself, you may find you will need to call in a tradesman later to fix your mistakes. Why not get it right the first time around and save the arguments?


If you feel strongly that you want to save some money in this area, you could possibly call in a professional tiler for the main areas most visible to guests (kitchen, guest bathroom) and tile the areas that are only accessed by your family or less used (laundry, basement). A win-win situation.


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