Kitchen Storage Solutions

Do you ever wish you had a larger kitchen to store all the items that never seem to have anywhere to go other than the kitchen bench due to the sole reason that there is simply no dedicated space to put them?


Maybe you don't actually need a bigger kitchen, rather you need better storage solutions!


Here are some ways that you can add more storage to your kitchen! If you are after a kitchen makeover, contact Character Cabinets here at 08 9234 3000 or flick us an email to speak to one of our custom kitchen design specialists.


1. Adding drawer inserts to organise your drawer

Drawer inserts are a perfect way to organise your utensils and other miscellaneous kitchen objects that will keep everything in one place where you need them. Long gone are the days you spend time rummaging to find that one butter knife hidden away at the back of the drawer.


2. More drawer ideas 

This comfort pullout has many benefits, including a choice of unit heights and optimal format to cater to YOUR needs, full extension of the drawer allowing full access - even the back of the drawer with no issues. From the outside, they appear much "smaller", but in reality, it utilises all the unproductive space inside the cabinet. Pictured below are just SOME of the drawers Character Cabinets has on display in the showroom located in Armadale. Contact us if you would like to know more about your cabinetry and pantry options.


There are also options for your sink. This one drawer exposing two separate drawers yield many benefits, including storing products that may spoil the look of your kitchen or bathroom (i.e. sponges and dishwashing soap). This drawer is not restricted by what is under the sink and is also perfect for double vanities in bathrooms where you can store your own products without it ending up on the other side of the drawer.



3. LeMans Corner Unit

This pullout storage shelving unit is perfect for utilising the space in the pantry that would otherwise be wasted. Similar to comfort pullouts but the main difference is that each tray can move independently from one another.

Benefits: Trays are able to move independently from one other, trays are able to fully swing out so you can reach all contents that have been stored, minimal force, easy height changes.


All of the images in this blog post were taken from our showroom, here at Character Cabinets. Visit us at 19 Burns Road Armadale 6112 to have a browse. You can also click here to see a few images of our showroom. 


If you would like to speak to one of our custom kitchen design specialists, contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.