Where to Have Power Points in Your Home

One of the most common things that are overlooked when renovating your home is the location and quantities of power point outlets. It is imperative to have more outlets than you think you need, as it one of the things you can't have enough of. In this day and age, everything is powered by electricity, so it only makes sense you should make these outlets as accessible as possible.


We have compiled a list of the most common places you should put them and why.



You may be wondering, “well what use do I have for it if it's in the hallway? I’m not going to charge my phone in the hallway”. Well, no. But you would need outlets to plug your vacuum cord in. Otherwise, you might need to head to your local hardware store to buy an extension cord. You may also want to set up lamps to brighten the area too.


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(Image source: The Spruce)


Bathroom vanity

This is also an important location to have outlets, as you will need it for your straighteners, curlers, electric razors and everything in between. You may need to have at least two or three to minimise the bathroom traffic if you share it with your family. Ensure these outlets are installed close enough to your vanity and mirror that you won’t require an extension cord but far enough that the outlet will not get wet.


(Image Source: Character Cabinets)


Next to the couch

Nothing is worse when you’re sitting on the couch all snug and your phone is on low battery. You turn around to go plug in your phone cord and find all the outlets close by are being used for something else. Consider what you would put in the space and how many outlets you may need. You may need enough to put in a lamp, plug in a vacuum cleaner and laptop etc. A tip is to position the outlets behind the couch to hide them from plain sight.


(Image Source: Champion Lakes Gallery)


Bedside table

Ensure you have at least two in this area - for your bedside lamp and to charge your phone. You may even be able to escape with just having one outlet and installing USB sockets to charge your phone and tablet. But in my opinion, it is probably better to have one or two extras so you don’t have to install another one down the track.


(Image Source: Champion Lakes Gallery)



Think of all the electrical appliances you have in your kitchen. You have your basics – the toaster, kettle, microwave, oven, dishwasher, fridge and coffee machine. Then you have your extras like your pressure cooker, blender, rice cooker etc. Though all these electrical appliances may not all be plugged in and switched on at the same time, it is important to have enough outlets so that you do not have to keep unplugging and plugging in the same cords especially when they are frequently being used.

If you do not like the look of too many outlets, you can opt to install pop up power outlets. They come in the column type and also the rectangular type. Ensure you enlist a certified professional to install these for you. Though we do not do any electrical work, we can recommend to you reliable tradesmen we have worked with in the past.

A con to this that many people have found is that if there are excess power outlets not in use, your family may use them to charge their phones and tablets, in turn adding to the clutter in the kitchen.


(Image Source: North Perth Gallery) 


Home office/study room

Definitely have a dedicated charging station for all your phones, laptops, printers in this one area. You don’t want to have everything low on power and not having enough outlets to put them all on charge. You do not have to worry about concealing the locations of these power points. In fact, it may be easier if they all sat on or above your desk height as it will make charging your laptop easier.


(Image Source: Champion Lakes Gallery)


All in all, it is crucial to have a few power points in every room and area. Envisioning how you would use that space will help you decide how many you will need and the approximate position they will need to be in. Many people who did not consider the number of power points they need have found their house trailing with extension cords



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