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Shaker profile doors and how to style them

Shaker profile doors can add timeless style to your cabinetry. This profile has been widely admired for centuries and initially gained popularity in the late 1800s. The shaker profile is made up of two stiles (vertical), two rails (horizontal) and a flat panel, creating a simplistic framed door with minimal ornamentation. This design was originally inspired by concepts of functionality, appreciation of quality materials and craftsmanship.

This simple structure is versatile and easily customised. However, this leaves you with an array of styling options and it can be hard to know where to begin. Luckily, we’ve put together some of our favourite ways to style shaker profile cabinets!


shaker profile bathroom vanity

Traditional hardware

With minimal kitchens trending, traditional handles and accessories are often overlooked. However, using the hardware to reflect the shaker profile’s historical roots is a clever way to create a coherent, elegant kitchen. Look to bold ornamental styles and sinuously curved features to echo the timeless, classic shaker style. 


marble and white kitchen with island
Claremont – Celtic Builders

Classic textures

With the shaker profile being fairly simplistic, there’s room to mesh and experiment with different textures in your space. Consider wooden floorboards and bold marble-style stone to mirror the classic style and embellish with soft accessories and homewares to make the space feel warm and inviting.


green kitchen and dining room


Bold colours

Similarly, the lack of ornamentation on the doors provides the opportunity to use more unconventional cabinetry colours that will make the frames pop. Rich jewel tones like emerald green and deep navy can add a chic tone while brighter hues can feel eclectic and energetic.


white kitchen with window



A contemporary style can still be achieved with shaker profile cabinets. Opt for a fresh white palette, angular motifs, natural lighting and sleek (or no) handles for a clean, airy, minimalist space. Stripping it back to basics will enhance the form of the shaker profile, highlighting its angularity and geometry.


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