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Top 5 Bathroom Mistakes

Thinking of renovating your bathroom? Experts have pointed out some common mistakes made by bathroom renovators and the corresponding solutions.

But before all that, you need to decide if you are going for a simple makeover or a FULL bathroom renovation. Not sure what the difference is? Simple makeovers comprise of changing up the tiles, new shower curtains and resurfacing your basin all while keeping the same fixtures. A full bathroom renovation is when you completely strip your bathroom of everything and start from scratch. Some questions you can ask yourself are:

  • What kind of lighting? (ie. decorative lighting, ambient lighting and where to place task lighting?)
  • Custom made or a stock vanity? (Do I want a single sink or double vanity?)
  • What kind of bath do I want? (ie. clawfoot or freestanding?)
  • What kind of toilet? (ie. wall hung, close coupled or wall faced?)

1. Budgeting

There is a lot to consider when renovating your bathroom. There’s the tiles, fixtures, new counter-tops and you name it. With a lot to think about, setting a budget is absolutely crucial if you don’t desire to be in debt after you’re done. Here at Character Cabinets, we offer the best value for money. Contact one of our designers if you are after a quote.

Solution: Make compromises 

Think about what you can’t live without and what you can. Maybe the main reason you want to renovate is to have double vanities – so that’s something you CAN’T compromise on. But do you really need the flowing basins or the rain showers? Maybe you can put those on the back burner and see where the budget sits after all your must-haves have been accounted for. Although you should make compromises, one thing to NOT compromise on it hiring a licensed plumber. You do not need to risk a dodgy DIY job if you are paying a lot for the perfect bathroom. Other specialists you will require may include an electrician and a tiler.

(Source: Character Cabinets Bathroom Gallery)

2. Choosing products in the wrong order

Picture this. You enter your IKEA and you go to the bathroom section of the store to get some ideas for how you want to style your bathroom. You see a cute little bathroom accessory set and it’s on sale. You make a note of the code to go and pick up at the checkout. You move onto the next bathroom set up. The tiles are the perfect shade of grey you always envisioned in your dream bathroom. You make a note of that too. The next set up has a mini chandelier hanging from the room. You wonder why you only ever thought chandeliers were only for living rooms and you think – why not? You rush home without grabbing the receipt and excitedly place all your new purchases in the bathroom to see how it looks. You realise nothing makes sense. The chandelier is screaming luxe but your bathroom accessories say minimalistic and your grey tiles don’t flow with the cabinetry finish you just approved a week ago.

The order in which you pick your bathroom accessories can have a knock-on effect. Many people fall into the trap of impulse purchases based on aesthetics, so it is important to choose products in the right order to avoid this situation.

Solution: Go from biggest to smallest

Your choices for the largest products in your bathroom will dictate the basins and accessories to follow. With this in mind, you will able to select products that fit well together in terms of style and aesthetics. The money spent on impulse purchases may cost you more in the end, as you discover that it doesn’t fit in with the look the bathroom is going for and you end up buying other products to replace what you have already bought.

(Source: Golden Bay Gallery)

3. Choosing unsuitable fixtures and finishes

The most common mistakes made, are the selection of wrong fixtures in terms of poor quality, the wrong size or even installed in the wrong spot! Before you renovate you need to think about how you use the bathroom and who is using it. Is your family tall? Is the bath more frequently used than the shower?

Solution: Quality and practicality 

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house along with the kitchen. You will definitely want your bathroom reno to last you at least a decade. Selecting quality fixtures will help with that goal. During the planning stage, think about what the essentials in your bathroom are and where it makes the most sense to put them.

(Source: Character Cabinets Bathroom Gallery)

4. Creating a disorganised look

More often than not, renovators totally disregard what the rest of the house looks like while renovating their bathroom. They often use this as a chance to turn their dream bathroom into a reality, as they get to pick the colour of the wall, new tiles, new basins – and essentially start from scratch. This can result in having a visually disconnected bathroom in comparison to the rest of your home.

Solution: Choose complementary finishes

Think about finishes and what the rest of the house looks like when selecting materials and finishes. Ensure there is a common theme throughout your home so there is a sense of cohesion.

(Source: Character Cabinets Bathroom Gallery)

5. Going overboard with the pattern

In many cases, renovators include too many patterns into their bathroom, that it ends up competing rather than complementing each other. Ensure you factor in the size of the bathroom. Nothing looks more awkward when you have a small bathroom and opt for large format tiles and it ends up looking mismatched.Solution: Go for a balanced scheme
Pick one pattern and stick with it and balance it out with a neutral colour to let the pattern stand out. Pay close attention to everything you have selected and visualise how they will look together. A mood board would be helpful in such situations.

(Source: Character Cabinets Bathroom Gallery)

(Check out the full article here, written by a senior writer of Houzz Australia, Georgia Madden)

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