Upper Cabinets or Open Shelves?

There are several advantages to have upper cabinets vs open shelves and vice versa.


Upper cabinets

PROS: Offer plenty of storage with a tidy look. You can select the cabinet style and hardware to suit your kitchen, making it a good option when going for a specific look. If your life is busy, upper cabinets will be a good choice as you can quickly put things away out of sight and off the benchtop where it can be seen.

CONS: A major disadvantage of cabinets is that they can make the kitchen feel smaller and cramped. Cabinets that go up to the ceiling are on average more expensive than shelves or wall cabinets.


Open Shelves

PROS: Open shelving is becoming increasingly more popular as time goes on. It helps the room feel a little more open while providing storage needs. Placing items that are frequently used on the open shelving allows it to be within arms reach.

CONS: A big issue with open shelving is that if there are too many items placed there, it will look much more busy and messy. Items that do not have their own place in the kitchen may find itself sitting on the open shelf collecting dust.


No upper cabinets