Cabinets or Open Shelves?

Open shelving has been a hot new trend as of late. If you are wondering whether open shelves are right for you and your space, continue reading this blog post to discover what we believe are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional closed cabinets and open shelving.


Advantages of closed cabinets

  • You can select the style and hardware to suit the aesthetics of your kitchen, making it a good option when going for a specific style and feel
  • Traditional cabinets offer ample storage with a tidy look. If you run a busy lifestyle, cabinets are a great choice as you can quickly stow away items out of sight and off the benchtop with a moments notice


Disadvantages of closed cabinets

  • It may give the illusion of the kitchen being smaller and cramped
  • Closed cabinets that go up to the ceiling, are on average more expensive than shelves or wall cabinets


(Source: Ocean Reef Gallery)


Advantages of open shelves

  • It helps the room feel a little more open while providing all your storage requirements
  • You can place the items that are frequently used on the open shelves, allowing them to be within arms reach at all times
  • If you entertain often, your guests will be able to help themselves and retrieve their own utensils and dinnerware
  • Open shelving is a more budget-friendly option than traditional closed cabinets


Disadvantages of open shelves

  • A big issue with open shelving is that everything is generally in full view. If there are too many items placed on the shelf, it will look busy and cluttered
  • Items that do not have their own place in the kitchen may find itself on the open shelf collecting dust
  • It does not offer as much storage space as traditional closed cabinets
  • You may find yourself having to clean the area more often as dust can definitely settle on appliances if they are not used often


(Source: Character Cabinets)


If you are not too sure which one to go for, why not include both? You get the best of both worlds this way!


(Source: Rossmoyne Gallery)


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