What is OneCab?

Are you frustrated with fixed kitchen sizes?

Are you finding that all flat pack kitchens are a little too big or a little too small for your space?

Are you wanting a custom made kitchen at an affordable price?


OneCab is our online cabinetry ordering system for cabinet makers and trade professionals.

Here at Character Group, we believe that everyone should have access to large scale manufacturing at an affordable rate with real value for money.

If you are interested in finding out how you can dominate your top competitors with OneCab, visit our blog post on the red ocean/blue ocean strategy here.

What is OneCab?

OneCab is a FREE online ordering system powered by goCabinets that allows trade professionals to quote and order cabinets in real time. In one click, send your orders directly to us, the CNC manufacturer. Have your projects delivered on-site, cut-to-size and ready to install.

OneCab in 6 steps


Frequently Asked Questions About OneCab:

What are the main benefits of OneCab?

- It's FREE to become a member! Sign up here to receive instant access to our extensive library today!

- Receive INSTANT prices so you can easily quote your clients!

- HUGE range of components, colours, dimensions and materials to choose from! The possibilities are truly endless!

- Our factory is equipped with the LATEST high tech CNC machinery for guaranteed quality cuts!

OneCab robe units

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I have some cabinet making knowledge. Can I use this software?

Yes, you can!

This software is mainly targeted at trade professionals or those that hold an ABN as they will have some cabinet making knowledge. However, anyone can sign up on OneCab and utilise it for your personal projects.

Set yourself apart from your competition by offering competitive priced custom made cabinetry in your list of trades!

Long gone are the days where compromises have to be made on size, style or colour to ensure the cabinetry fits flush in the given space.


Benefits include: 

- You can work solo! There is no need to hire a team

- No need to purchase expensive CNC equipment, there is no financial commitment to owning your own machinery

- No need to lease a warehouse to store equipment and material, we can deliver onsite, ready to install

- We help you with the manufacturing side of things, while you make the sales


I already have an established business, but I would like to give this a go as it sounds promising.
What benefits can I expect to receive? 

Everyone can benefit from OneCab. Increase your profit margin and let OneCab do the leg work for you.

Is your business booming? Can't keep up with the demand? Let us focus on the manufacturing side of things so you can concentrate on making sales!


Benefits you can expect: 

- OneCab eliminates quoting and ordering mistakes

- OneCab won't hinder your projects completion date or compromise on quality

- Our factory is equipped with the latest machinery to ensure quality cuts and service

- OneCab takes the stress away from manufacturing custom cabinetry


This all sounds very promising. What's the catch?

There isn't one!

OneCab is an online cabinetry software designed for the sole purpose of quoting, ordering and storing your cabinetry projects. We don’t want fees to be a factor in deciding whether or not you want to give OneCab a go. Join today to discover all the amazing benefits of this software! This software gives you the ability to use it for any project, big or small.


How is it so affordable? 

OneCab provides the manufacturing process for your custom project.

We are able to offer competitive pricing as you will have already measured the job and be installing the project for your client. If you can design it, we can make it! Reduced responsibilities for us, means you get to benefit from the competitive pricing.

Why go the difficult route of finding the perfect cabinet for your space when you can custom make it to your specifications?


Sign up today at www.onecab.com.au and discover why Australian builders and cabinet makers love this software! Become a member today and discover how OneCab will streamline your business!


Still unconvinced? Call us today to arrange a factory visit and check out our manufacturing facilities or speak to one of our proud team members today at 9234 3000!


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