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Biggest Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

In 2019, the median cost for Aussie kitchen renovations was $20 000. In 2021, Compare the Market calculated that Australian renovators spend 30.97% of their income on kitchen renovations. Remodelling your kitchen is a big investment, so it’s crucial you’re satisfied with the end result. We’ve listed the most common kitchen renovation mistakes so you can avoid making preventable errors in your home. 

Kitchen and dining area
This kitchen prioritises bench space and base cabinet storage to maximise functionality.

Forgetting function

It can be rewarding looking back at your own luxe kitchen which reflects your personal style, however, functionality can often be overlooked. Your kitchen is a hardworking room, where you’ll need space to cook, clean and entertain efficiently. Not thinking about how your household operates in this space can result in an inconvenient and awkward space. 

Consider what your personal kitchen requires for maximum efficiency. Do you spend a lot of time baking and need extra bench space? Or do you have a tall family that requires higher benchtops? Make your household’s needs a priority in your kitchen. 

Choosing impractical hardware can interfere with functionality. Statement handles with unique designs are eyecatching and can visually elevate the space, however, they aren’t always practical. Pinching small handles or getting pockets caught on edges that stick out can get frustrating quickly. Invest in long-lasting quality hardware that not only looks great but is user friendly.

Additionally, not considering kitchen integration can impact functionality. Incorporating appliances within cabinetry and investing in multi-purpose gadgets could make your space more efficient. For example, swapping a kettle for a boiling water tap and opting for a built-in microwave can free up bench space and make these appliances easier to access. 

Pendant lights above kitchen island
The pendant lights create good task lighitng above the island for prepping meals, dining and entertaining.

Poor lighting

Design elements like lighting can come as an afterthought in the renovation process, however, it can have a big impact on the mood and practicality of your kitchen. 

Ceiling lighting can cast shadows under overheads and in your cabinetry, making it harder to see. Poor lighting stops you from preparing food safely and makes finding things difficult. Investing in striplights or pendants to light specific work areas will make your kitchen more usable and will save your eyes in the long run! 

Having insufficient lighting can make the space less inviting. As the central hub of your home, your kitchen should be a welcoming space. Enhancing natural light and including sufficient lighting fixtures will make a more appealing space. 

Kitchen benches
This kitchen uses a combination of open and closed shelves to use space economically without sacrificing on fun styling elements.

Inadequate storage

Kitchens do a lot of heavy-lifting when it comes to storage; they must house our appliances, food, cooking utensils, crockery and cleaning products alongside functioning as a working space. Not planning ahead when it comes to storage will leave you with a cluttered and disorganised kitchen.

Think of accessibility and cabinetry organisation before you renovate. Installing cutlery drawers, revolving corner units and base pullouts can save you from excess clutter and free up some space. Don’t forget to consider waste and cleaning storage, as having these out in the open will quickly make your kitchen look messy. Having a concealable spot for your bins and cleaning products will keep your space clean and tidy. 

Going overboard with open shelving can limit your storage options. Displaying your homewares neatly and stylishly isn’t always the most economical use of space. If you’re keen on floating shelves, note that they don’t have the same weight-bearing capacity as regular overheads, and may further restrict storage options. Going for a good mix of open shelving and overheads will be more accommodating. 

Ignoring floorplans

Ignoring structural elements and not paying attention to your kitchen layout can lead to a cramped space. Putting obstacles in thoroughfares and not thinking of how your household will move through the kitchen could leave you tripping over each other’s toes. Make sure to keep doorways clear and be mindful of clearance spaces for a well-flowing, accessible kitchen.

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