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How to declutter your kitchen for good

Cleaning out your kitchen is a daunting task. Sorting through jampacked drawers, overflowing cabinets and stockpiled pantries – it’s something you want to avoid as much as possible. However, it can be hard to come up with organisation solutions that last.

So how do you create a kitchen that stays tidy in the long run? We talk to industry professionals to find the best long term solutions to keep your kitchen decluttered for good. 

Designate space for specific items

Installing appropriate storage solutions for particular homewares will prevent the build-up of clutter in your cabinetry. It’s worth considering your essential items and what would be the most efficient way of storing them prior to making any plans. Jacinta, a Häfele Showroom Consultant, says that it’s important to create a specific space for frequently used items. 

“We often think about smaller items like cutlery and utensils, but don’t forget chopping boards, knives, pots and pans, bakeware even small appliances. When everything has a designated space, you can keep your kitchen organised and functioning perfectly.”

It’s also a good idea to visit showrooms to test out specific storage solutions in person to see if they’re the right fit. Jacinta recommends that “once you have your concept plans, re-visit the showroom and [then] confirm your product selections.”

open tandem pantry

Opt for Tandem pantries and gliding units

Many homeowners struggle with conventional pantry cupboards due to their deep shelving and tall height. Jacinta suggests installing some more user-friendly units.

“Tandem pantries are the BEST! Seriously. No more searching for items hidden at the back of deep shelves, or balancing on tip-toe to find what you’re looking for. Tandem pantries bring your pantry items to you and it certainly adds a wow factor to any kitchen.”

Not only are Tandems a great use of space, but being able to see your items will prevent you from doubling up and accumulating excess clutter in your pantry. 

Use vertical space efficiently

Deep shelves can be a big waste of space and encourage excessive stacking in your cupboards. Character Cabinets General Manager Nat Rowe recommends using drawers where you can. This gives you access to more than a single level of shelving and stops you from constantly reaching into the back of cabinets. If drawers aren’t an option, consider dividing up the space between shelves.

“Things like half shelves in pantries are beneficial – big spacing between pantry shelves wastes space – whereas using a half shelf can create more usable shelves without having to dig back.”

spice cutlery drawer insert

Install drawer inserts

Jacinta recommends using drawer organisers and allocating areas to certain utensils.

“There are great drawer organisers for almost everything – from pots and pans to plasticware, plates and bowls and cutlery and utensils. And if everything has a space it’s easy to return items and find items at a glance.” 

One of the most challenging kitchen spaces to keep tidy is the dreaded Tupperware drawer. Plastic containers can be tricky to store because of their variety in shape and size. Plus, keeping matching lids and containers together can be a nightmare. Jacinta puts forward Spaceflexx drawers. 

These inserts are convenient for container storage as they’re flexible, adjustable and allow you to view all drawer contents from above.

lemans on blind corner

Get creative with corners

Corners can be difficult to reach into and end up filled with less frequently used items and miscellaneous clutter. 

“They can create wasted space and be awkward to get into, but you can’t always avoid that. You can put in a rear access cabinet so you can access the corner from another angle” Rowe says, “You’ve got to come up with solutions on how you can use and access that space.” 

Another great option for tackling these spaces is installing corner units. Lemans shelves are great for blind corners as their shape allows them to swing out from the non-visible storage area. Revolving trays and sliding racks are also smart solutions for your corner cabinets. 

Non-slip mats

Non-slip mats are an easy way to keep your cabinets organised. They prevent items from toppling over when opening and closing drawers, keeping your homewares in order. 

Jacinta says that non-slip mats are “great for keeping everything in its place and also prevent pots and pans marking surfaces.” 

An added bonus is that these mats protect your cabinetry from scratches and dirt, making your cabinets easier to clean. 

Consider your layout

For those starting from scratch, make sure to consider the layout of your kitchen. Rowe suggests you implement the “working triangle” in your plans.

“You should aim to create a triangle workspace with your oven, sink and fridge so you have a good workflow in your kitchen.” 

If the triangle isn’t optimised, it can make the area feel cramped, impacting clearance spaces and functionality. 

Utilising the working triangle will ensure your cabinetry and storage is accessible. This allows you to use space economically and will also prevent household members from haphazardly throwing items into your cabinets. 

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