How to Choose Your Kitchen Splashback

Kitchen renovations are the most challenging and satisfying part of a renovation project as it is the room with the heaviest foot traffic. You should ensure that the design and function of the kitchen are exactly how you want it before you approve the costly project.

Some factors you may want to consider include how you and your family use this space. Is your family tall? Would all the benchtops need to be a little bit taller than average to account for this? Does your family love to cook? Is it a priority that the material chosen can be easily maintained and last for years to come? What is your budget like?

We have listed below a few methods you can adopt when you go to select the benchtop and splashback material.


Select the benchtop first

Your kitchen benchtop will most likely be the most used surface in terms of preparing and cooking food. So it is a good idea you select this one first. You may use up a majority of your budget for this as you will want it to last a few decades before you even have to think about an upgrade. Once you have selected the benchtop, the search for the perfect splashback may be narrowed down, so now you are only looking in a pond, rather than the ocean. If you want your benchtop to stand out and be the focal point of your kitchen, a good idea is to select a simple splashback so the two are not competing for attention.

(Image Source: North Perth Gallery)


Select the splashback first

Of course, you can totally do it the other way and select your splashback first if you hold it at a higher level than your benchtop. If you select a very bold statement splashback, you may be leaning towards a neutral and minimalistic benchtop. This will create a contrast between the two materials ensuring they do not compete for attention.

Though we do not do glass splashbacks, we can recommend you reliable tradesmen we have worked with in the past. We do offer Laminex Metaline splashbacks, which can be a great alternative depending on what you are after. Our sister company Stone with Character offers stone splashbacks and large format porcelain sheets if it is something you are looking for.

(Image Source: Kitchen Gallery)


Use the same material for both benchtop and splashback

Skip the headache and use the same material for both benchtop and splashback. Perhaps only one material really stands out to you and you want it for both your benchtop and your splashback. This is also great for your budget as you only need one type of material and can utilise the excess for the splashback if there is enough without having to purchase a new slab. This is a common strategy adopted by many as the room will seem more visually cohesive.

(Image Source: Nedlands Gallery)

Get a second (or third) opinion

Ask a family member or close friend and see what they think. Maybe they are seeing something you aren’t. If you are really stuck, you can hire a professional and get their take on your dilemma.


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