Scullery ideas for your next kitchen reno

Sculleries are popping up more frequently in new Aussie homes, with functionality and practicality being a high priority in modern kitchens. Sculleries serve as a behind-the-scenes prep and storage space for those who spend lots of time in the kitchen – and the best part is, they can be tailored to your lifestyle and kitchen workflow. But where to start? We’ve compiled some essential scullery ideas that’ll help you plan for your next kitchen reno!

floating shelves in scullery

Conceal the mess

If you love to entertain in your kitchen, concealed sculleries are a great place to hide dirty dishes and messes from your guests. Include an extra sink or alternatively, place your dishwasher in your scullery so your island and serving area can stay clear. Tuck your scullery around a corner or add doors to keep it hidden. 

grey cabinets and white tiled kitchen

Large bench spaces

If you’re an avid home chef, or can’t stand cooking with multiple people in the kitchen, a scullery can act as an extra prep space and cooking area. Including a long, open bench will work well for large families, so multiple people can help with cooking meals without tripping over each other! 


led striplights and pantry
Champion Lakes

LED lighting

Due to the nature of sculleries, they don’t often receive natural light from surrounding windows. Adding LED strip lights to your scullery will help the space feel less dim and stop you from losing things in dark corners!

pantry and white bench

Think storage

If you find you’re constantly running out of room in your pantry, sculleries can provide you with that extra storage to make life easier. Opt for open shelving for easy access and consider those extra utensils and appliances you don’t grab as often. For smaller spaces, adding some floating shelves will create additional storage while keeping things light and airy, plus you can have fun experimenting with styling your homewares.

pocket doors in wooden kitchen
City Beach

Pocket doors

If you don’t want to invest a large amount of space for your scullery, having a concealable kitchenette-style for appliances could be a good option. Including pocket doors won’t take up extra space while keeping the area concealed.

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