How to Refresh Your Kitchen on a Budget!

Bored of your kitchen but strapped for cash? Don't worry, we got you! Whether you have $100 or $10,000 to spare for your kitchen, we have a few ideas on where to splash your cash!


Budget of $100

One of the simplest things you can do to spice up the look of your kitchen is giving it a fresh coat of paint, whether by painting it a new colour or including a feature wall. Buying paint and the painting supplies won't put much of a dent in your wallet - in fact, you will probably have enough leftover from the budgeted $100 to buy a new art print to hang in your kitchen to add a pop of colour.


Budget of $300

So you have painted your walls and hung up new art. Still want to splurge on your kitchen? Changing your overhead fixture doesn't seem like a grand effort, but this can totally change up the look and feel of your kitchen. There are many options available that won't leave you penniless. Switch up your kitchen lights or upgrade the pendant over your benchtop island to totally alter how welcoming the kitchen is.


(Source: Character Cabinets Kitchen Gallery)


Budget of $500

After you have painted, added new art and upgraded your lighting - installing open shelving is the next step. This truly opens up your kitchen, giving it more of a spacious feel and allowing you to display your favourite kitchen accessories that have been hidden away in storage. The dishes you bought two years ago, to break out if there was ever a special occasion that was worthy, has now found its place on your open shelves for the world to see as it can add interest to the room! Buy a couple of plants or flowers to place around the kitchen for a greener and cleaner look.


(Source: The Claremont Addition built by Distinctive Homes)

Budget of $700

Consider new taps as the next potential upgrade. Replacing tapware is simple and is much more budget-friendly than redoing the whole sink and can totally transform the look of your current kitchen. Replace your old tapware with what's on-trend can give it a modern feel.


Budget of $1,000

If you have some extra budget to spare after taking in all the previous points, start looking for a new sink that will go with your new tapware. If the sink is in a different style than the old one, there may be additional costs involved to fit it properly into the cabinetry and benchtop.


(Source: Character Cabinets Kitchen Gallery)


Budget of $1,500

Brand new cabinetry is the next on the agenda for refreshing your kitchen after painting, adding new art, lighting, adding open shelving, upgrading your sink with new tapware. If your cabinetry hasn't got too much wear and tear, feel free to repaint them to give it a new look. Changing your cabinetry hardware details (ie handles and pulls) also influences the final look - or even change the doors of your cabinets! Remove them for open shelving or opt for frosted glass. If you are after custom cabinetry, don't hesitate to contact one of our custom design specialists for some cabinetry work. Don't forget to let us know if you have a budget so we can help you work around it!


(Source: The Australis Star Home built by Shelford Homes)


Budget of $5,000

The installation of new benchtops can revitalize your entire kitchen. There's a wide range of options when selecting the colour and finish of your benchtop. Benchtops can also widely vary in costs, depending on what you go for. If you are after a stone benchtop, check out our sister company, Stone with Character, we offer long-lasting and beautiful stonework using quality products at affordable prices. Contact us at 9234 3001 or fill out our online enquiry form and find out what WE can do for YOU!


(Source: Champion Lake Gallery)


Budget of $10,000

So what's left? You can select new appliances to go with your new kitchen! To keep within your budget, choose appliances that fit into the same space as your old ones to avoid extra installation costs.


(FINALIST HIA 2018 Kitchen and Bathroom Awards New Kitchen $50,001 – $70,000 built by Devrite Homes of Distinction)


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